Crystal Suncatcher - Flower of Life

Our Authentic Austrian Crystal Suncatchers will catch the rays of light to turn them into a beautiful multicolored rainbow, which will be reflected in your sacred spaces, harmonizing them and filling them with magic.

Materiality: Genuine Swarovski® crystals, nickel-plated brass trim and csilver-plated brass chain.

Suncatcher Measurements: 11.43 cm.

Total measurement with Chain:25.4 cm.

A large crystal is topped by smaller crystals and a silvery Flower of Life ornament.

Composed of overlapping circles, the Flower of Life symbol is known around the world for having perfect form, proportion and harmony. Many believe that it is the visual representation of the connections that run through all life on Earth. This Flower of Life crowns a cluster of crystals that sparkle and shimmer in the sun.

They are handcrafted in the UK and distributed by WoodStock Chimes ®️.