Crystal Suncatcher - Turtle

Our Authentic Austrian Crystal Suncatchers will catch the rays of light to turn them into a beautiful multicolored rainbow, which will be reflected in your sacred spaces, harmonizing them and filling them with magic.

Materiality: Genuine Austrian crystals, anickel plated brass trim and silver plated brass chain.

Suncatcher Measurements: 11.43 cm.

Total measurement with Chain:25.4 cm.

A large crystal is topped by a rainbow of small crystals and a silver tortoise.

The tortoise is a symbol of long life and of endurance and persistence. Carrying the world on his back, the tortoise keeps a steady pace and stays on course.

Use this lovable tortoise as a reminder to adapt and grow as you go through life. This turtle crowns a cluster of crystals that sparkle and shimmer in the sun.

They are handcrafted in the UK and distributed by WoodStock Chimes ®️.