7 Chakra Flag - Medium

Materiality: Cotton.

Measure: 1.4 meters long, 7 flags of 14 x 9.5 cm.

Origin: Kathmandu, Nepal.

Includes: Beautiful expansive packaging.

Beautiful pennants decorated with the 7 chakras, their symbols, meanings and colors. Each flag brings a profound message in English that describes each chakra.

1. Muladhara: It is the root chakra, red in color, located at the base of the spine. It connects us to the ground and helps us to have self-confidence, personal mastery, stability and balance.

2. Svadhisthana: The one of creativity and sensitivity, orange color, located two fingers below the navel; that teaches us to flow like water.

3. Manipura: The will chakra, yellow in color; located in the solar plexus, which works our internal fire, our willpower and our personal power.

4. Anahata: It is the heart chakra, green, located in the center of the chest, and teaches us love and compassion towards other living beings and towards ourselves, and the importance of forgiveness to break the ties that mental impurities generate in us. , allowing us to experience a sense of freedom.

5. Vishuddha: The sound, blue color, located at the height of the throat, which teaches us not only to communicate and express ourselves with other living beings, but also to listen to ourselves to know what we really want.

6. Ajna: Of intuition, indigo color, located between the eyebrows. Also known as the third eye, this chakra gives us light to learn to listen to our wise inner voice.

7. Sahasrara: It is the one that connects us with the superior power, violet or white, located in the crown of the head. It works as a receptacle to listen, in silence, to all the answers that come to us from the universe when our earthly mind can no longer find a solution.