Tibetan Prayer Flag - The 4 Harmonious Friends

Materiality: Cotton
- Flags: 10 flags of 20 x 15.5 cm
- Total length: 2.05 cm long
Origin: Kathmandu, Nepal.
They come in a beautiful packaging, expansive and with a mystery that is revealed to those who seek beyond.

The prayer flags are used to carry the prayers through the wind so that they are scattered and can bless everything around them.

I tell 4 friends:They say that a little bird carried a seed and that a rabbit, seeing it, dug a hole and buried it. A short time later, the seed sprouted and a sapling grew. A monkey, in order to protect him, surrounded him with tree branches and removed the weeds around him. An elephant watered it daily with water from the mountain spring. Thanks to the careful care of these four animals, the sapling grew into a large tree. But their fruits were so high that they could not pick them up. The monkey climbed on the elephant and the rabbit did the same on the monkey and lifted the little bird, which grabbed the fruits. By virtue of this union, the four animals shared the fruits with all of the forest, offering security and harmony. This tanka is a sign of the Tibetans' aspiration for a life of unity and harmony.

Each color of the flag symbolizes an element: white symbolizes air ⚪, red is fire 🔥, green is water 🌊, yellow is earth 🌱 and blue is wind 🌬️. The flags are said to emit positive spiritual vibrations and the prayers are carried on the wind as silent prayers.