Tibetan Prayer Bells 24"

We present our Wind Chime - Tibetan Prayer, from WoodStock Chimes ®️, designed to delight us with a victorious and hopeful melody.
The sound and harmonic vibration of our Wind Chimes will fill every corner of your home with peace, creating an atmosphere of total relaxation and connection with ourselves
Hang them outside so that the wind activates their sounds or use it inside in the place that suits you best.

Material: Treated native wood, 5 bronze anodized aluminum tubes and wooden wind catchers.

Overall Measurement: 24 inches

The enchanting sounds of this wind chime take the listener on a musical journey through the landscape of time. It is attuned to the five tones that make up the main motif of a work by the great Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu.

In Tibet, prayer flags are hung in large numbers outside homes and temples and throughout the countryside so that the wind can bring good fortune to all nearby. It is our wish that the Tibetan prayer bell also conveys the listener's prayers and blessings every time the wind blows.