Gemstone Bells - Jasper 12"

Enjoy its sweet sound that enchants anyone, especially the little ones in the house. They are designed to sound when the wind blows or to listen to them before going to sleep or when waking up.
Jasper has the property of calming us down and unifying us in moments of tension and stress.

Material:Native Tree Wood for supports and wind catcher, plus anodized aluminum tubes of the best quality.

Overall measurement: 12 inches

Among the properties of jasper, its ability to calm beings during moments of tension stands out, and to unify everything that happens around them to stabilize their soul and mind. Regarding the benefits of jasper, they are mainly focused on the interior of the person. And it is that if looking for the meaning of the stones, and in particular that of jasper, its benefits are mainly mental and psychological, although not without neglecting the physical ones.

The jasper will promote the proper functioning of both your circulatory, digestive and sexual organs. Applying this energy stone will balance the minerals in your body. This translates into achieving a gem elixir that keeps your body from overstimulating.