Chau Gong (My - 45cm)

Chau Gongs are what most people imagine when they think of a Chinese Gong. Sometimes called Bullseye Gong, Chao Gong, or Chow Gong, Chau Gongs have a black outer rim and black center and are turned in the middle section to expose bright bronze.

Chinese Chau Gongs have a very powerful sound, especially the larger ones. Good Chau Gongs have a mix of fundamental tone along with a nice expansive crash or rumble sound.

The uses of Gongs are varied. You can release mental and emotional blocks, reduce stress and tension in the physical body, stimulate the glandular system and regenerate the nervous system.

Root Note:E

Diameter: 45 cm.

Includes: Striking mallet and rope for hanging.

Materiality: Handcrafted by hammering, tempering and polishing with original acoustic bronze alloy.

Produced by Jinan Jin Sheng Yuan Musical Instrument Factory in Shandong, China. Our Gongs date back to the times of the Quing dynasty. Thanks to their long history, they have developed advanced technologies, while transmitting traditional knowledge to our craftsmen, turning them into skilled Gongsmiths, capable of producing high quality instruments.

Today these gongs are sold under the Arborea brand all over the world. They are appreciated for their typical sounds, combining tradition and modernity. Through the handcrafted manufacturing process, each gong is unique. Each of our instruments therefore has its own sound.