Zenergy Chime - Trio

Just a gentle tap of the stick and your Zenergy Chime - Trio, by WoodStock Chimes, will emit a powerful tone of singular beauty that will spread throughout the room. Its pure and crystalline sound will help to focus your attention inward, inviting you to enter the state of natural meditation.

Includes: Harmonizer pin, striking stick, original WoodStock Chimes®️ packaging. The products are shipped in an expansive box from Casa del Cuenco.

Frequency: Sun - 1562hz (Expression and communication with love)

Re - 2358hz (Active creative and sexual energy)

Fa - 2804hz (Compassion and openness to unconditional love)

Material: High quality solid aluminum bar, treated native lingue wood and tension rope.

Measurements:19.8 cm long x 8.1 cm wide x 3.5 cm high.

Note: The frequency can vary by -3 +3 hz.

Using your Zenergy Chime is very intuitive and anyone can do it. Once you activate it by tapping it, you can either freeze it in one position or manipulate it at will with your other hand. In this way you will be able to mobilize it in any direction of your body or that of another person, thus activating different external and internal physical zones, as well as our entire energy network of our subtle body.

This Zenergy Chime with its 3 bars will help you more easily to enter your meditative state in different frequencies and notes.

We recommend honoring the use of these instruments and setting the space before using your Zenergy. You can light a candle, incense to open your ceremony, and thus make your little corner a universe of infinite beauty. Take a deep breath and listen. Just relax. Refocus, Reenergize.

They can also be used collectively, such as in a yoga class, complementing a holistic therapy, to open something up, or simply to call the family toget together.

We live in an ocean of pure vibration, frequencies between frequencies mixed with each other, like a great cosmic mantra. It's time to vibrate with what lights up your soul, the awakening has begun.