Antique Tibetan Thadobati Bowl (Do - 18 cm)

The Ancient Thadobati Bowls are one of the best known bowls made by the Tibetans, they are characterized by having straight walls and a wide base, which makes them ideal for placing them on the body.

These bowls are very easy to make sing and have their harmonics when percussing with the stick, without a doubt they are true jewels for lovers of bowls. They were rescued from homes and temples in Nepal, and are approximately 50 to 200 years old.

The use of a Tibetan Bowl is very varied, you can use it for your meditations, Yoga classes, holistic therapies of any kind, psychological sessions or simply to enjoy a moment of relaxation with your partner or children before bed.

If you want to have a healthy body, regulated emotions and a calm mind, start from the inside out.

Rubbing:With the chamois and wood of the drumstick


Note:Do (First Chakra - Inner Strength)

Diameter: 18 cm

Includes: Protective handkerchief, rubbing stick, cushion and beautiful expansive packaging.

Materiality: Handcrafted by hammering, quenching and polishing with an original alloy of 7 Metals.

The color of the cushion can vary between red, purple, green, blue, light blue.

Our Ancient Thadobati Bowls were handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal by master craftsmen who have passed down the ancient knowledge of bowl-making from generation to generation. Its elaboration combines the skill of the craftsman, the correct proportion of metals and deep meditative states necessary to give each bowl the perfect shape and thickness.

The sound of all our bowls has a great richness of harmonics and a vibration that remains for long periods of time, in small bowls you will find higher tones that bring our attention to the present and as the bowl grows in diameter, the The tone is lower, inviting us to enter a deeper state of meditation.

Playing your bowl is very intuitive. Anyone can do it! It just requires some practice and patience. To feel its effects, just hit it subtly with the rubbing stick and let it resonate for as long as you deem convenient, in that time lapse you can bring it closer to your head or chakra that you want to level. Bowls can also be made to "sing" or "beat". If a very high-pitched sound begins to sound, you should remove a little pressure and place the stick more horizontally, so that it rubs against the "waist" of the bowl and not so much on the edge.

If you want to learn better how to use your bowl enter here to see our tutorial videos.

Below we invite you to watch a video of how our bowls are made in the magical valley of Kathmandu :