Traveling Bowl - Wind

Take your Wind Traveler Bowl everywhere and connect with the immensity of nature along with its expansive and healing sound. 🌬️🌳🌼

They are very easy to make sing with the stick, which makes them perfect to start on the path of vibration and the healing sound of bowls. 🙌

Handmade with high purity acoustic bronze, our Traveling Bowls generate a defined and warm sound, with a vibration that remains between 30 to 45 seconds resonating.

Includes: Tibetan singing bowl forged by hand in a mold of 9 to 10 cm in diameter (350 - 450 grams), drumstick to play, base pad, Tibetan scarf of 120x60 cm, all from Kathmandu, Nepal. Receive in an expansive package.😊

Meaning of the light blue color:The light blue colorrepresented by the wind, represents the flow with life, light and without resistance. It calls us to communicate things from the heart and not from our mind.

Meaning of the mantra:Written in Tibetan Sanskrit, the mantra of compassion reads:"Om Mani Padme Hum", which in Spanish it is understood by "Oh the Jewel in the Lotus Flower", a beautiful analogy of the awakening of consciousness. 🌱

Connect with your interior, free yourself and help us expand the energy of our planet🌎🙏

Read: Bowl note may vary from audio. The interior design could vary between the Lotus Flower and the Om in Tibetan Sanskrit. Minor imperfections may appear in the bowl due to its craftsmanship.

The bowls have the ability to calm our mind with their sweet and deep sound, inviting us to connect with our interior. While its vibration balances our body, internal fluids and energy centers (Chakras).

Our Traveling Bowls are inspired by the nature that encompasses our beautiful planet earth, which we need to take care of so much. This and all its accessories are handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Take it everywhere!