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Omm Box - Classic "Sahasrara"

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Celebrate the expansion of human consciousness with this beautiful present, created to relax our mind and body, balance our energies and accompany our meditations.

Includes: Cbowl 290 ‚Äď 350 grams, bjacket, base pad, handkerchief (120x60 cm), purple box made by hand with recycled materials and dyed with vegetable dyes. All from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Bowl Material: Alloy of 7 Metals, hammered by hand.

Bowl diameter: 10 to 11 cm approx.

* The bowl is chosen randomly, the musical note might change. In case the person who receives the present wants to change his bowl, he can do it.

*Hammered bowls from10 to 11 cm are rubbed with the wooden part of the stick to make them sing.

Our Omm Boxes were handcrafted in Kathmandu, with 100% recycled materials and dyed with vegetable dyes. Inside you can find all the magic of a Tibetan Bowl, with all its beautiful accessories.

The bowls have the ability to calm our mind with their sweet and deep sound, inviting us to connect with our interior. While its vibration balances our body, internal fluids and energy centers (Chakras).

Give a gift that will go straight to the heart of those you love.

Omm Box, an invitation to your interior.


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