Adjustable Japa Mala Bracelet (Tiger Eye - 6 mm)

Beautiful adjustable silk thread bracelet handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal. 🧡
The Tiger's Eye stone serves to protect us from any danger, stimulates wealth and helps us achieve the financial goals we have set for ourselves. Mentally this stone is responsible for maintaining balance and eliminating any fear and indecision. 🐯
Raw material: Tiger's Eye semi-precious stone
Bead diameter: 6 mm.

Thisstonegets its name from the strong resemblance it bears to the eyes of this big cat. TheTiger's Eyeis asemi-precious stonethat had already been used as an amulet by the ancient Romans to ward off enemies and their attacks.

The Egyptians used this rock as a symbol of “divine vision”.

Thieves used this stone to succeed in committing crimes and misdeeds.

Gambling addicts considered this stone to be a good amulet. For this reason, it was one of the most stolen stones.

One of the most unusual facts was that the Arabs used this stone to ensure the fidelity of their women, while they went to fight. Before they left, they made an elixir by immersing the stone in milk, and then gave it to her wife to drink so they couldn't get pregnant by her lover.

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