Harmonic Set of 3 Tibetan Bowls - Classics (13 cm - A, 11 cm - C# and 11 cm - C)

Root Notes: A, Mi and C#

Diameters: 11 and 13 cm

Includes: Protective bandana, rubbing stick and cushions, in beautiful expansive packaging.

Materiality: Handcrafted by hammering, quenching and polishing with an original 7-Metal alloy.

The color of the cushion can vary between red, purple, green, blue, light blue.


Our Sets of 3 Tibetan Bowls are designed to sound harmoniously with each other, generating powerful and beautiful combinations of frequencies that will give a unique touch to your Sound Therapy, meditations, Yoga classes or simply to find a moment of relaxation and connection with your family.

Some Sets will evoke more joyful and luminous melodies, while others will evoke mystery and the unknown, listen carefully and see which one resonates with you at the moment.

The Sets of 3 Bowls are ideal to harmonize spaces, people and to find a moment of relaxation when playing or listening to them.

Tibetan Bowls are a powerful healing tool that acts through vibration and sound, working on the different dimensions that make up the being; physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our bowls are handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal, by master craftsmen who have passed on the knowledge generation after generation, for millennia.

Its mystical and sweet sound will draw your attention to the present, connecting with the silence of your presence, while its vibration rich in harmonics will return you to your natural frequency. Discover its benefits here:

The use of Tibetan Bowls is very varied, you can use it for your Sonotherapy, for your meditations or relaxations at the beginning and end of the day, for all kinds of therapies, with children, yoga classes and psychological consultations.

Playing it is very intuitive, you can hit it on its walls to get the full range of harmonics of the bowl, or you can rub it with the friction stick, and thus obtain a deeper and more continuous sound.

If you want real change in your life, start from the inside out.


A Tibetan Bowl or also known as a Hammered Bowl is a healing instrument of more than 5,000 years old that originates in Tibet, these were created by one of the most ancient shamanic cultures oldest of our planet, the Bön Po. The ancestral knowledge that gave life to the bowls is uncertain, but it is believed that it was acquired by this shamanic culture through their channeling and rituals, others believe that it is technology from another star system. What is clear is that the true history of the bowls and the intentions of their first creators are lost in time.

The making of a bowl is an elaborate process that combines the skill of the craftsman, meditation and ancient science. In a first phase, the alloy of 7 metals that make up the bowls, which are: Copper, Tin, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Gold and Silver, are melted at more than 1000 degrees Celsius, the proportion of this alloy is 97% bronze (copper with tin) and the remaining 3% with the other metals mentioned above. Then, the molten metal is poured into different molds to cool, later this mixture of metals will take the form of a hockey puck and will be ready to go through the artisan process of forging and hammering. In the forging and hammering phase, 5 artisans led by an expert craftsman will give between 500 and 7,000 hammer blows depending on the size of the bowl to be made.

Every 30 or so hammer blows, they are placed back into the fire until it is red hot. Once enough has been hammered and the bowl is beginning to take shape, it is left to the more experienced craftsman, This will take care of giving the bowl the desired thickness and shape. The creation of a good Tibetan bowl is the result of a conscious and meditative work of the craftsman who is making it. In his task, he must give the correct shape, thickness and angle to the walls of the Tibetan bowl, each hammer blow will influence the final result. To finish, the bowls are manually polished to remove the charred layer and reveal the characteristic gold/silver color of Tibetan bowls.

Below we invite you to watch a video of how our bowls are made in the magical valley of Kathmandu: