Therapy Incense - Yogini

Number of wands: 30.

Raw material: Rosemary, Anise Star, Olibanum (Frankincense).

Includes small censer and beautiful expansive packaging from Casa del Cuenco.

The Ayurvedic formula of Mandala Art and incense, works with our Ayurvedic formula product to help restore balance in the body, mind and air, prepared on the basis of a smoke inhalation procedure through herbal.

Yogini herbal incense has been formulated to awaken the energy of tantra and the yoga practice of a yogini practitioner. We use our own special blends of Ayurvedic herbs, resin and essential oils.

Since ancient times, natives around the world have used glowing herbs to purify their homes and other spaces, their belongings, themselves, and each other. As the smoke from these herbs fills a space and surrounds those present, it has a variety of positive effects, both individually and collectively. It is not only a signal from the mind to stay in the present moment, but it is also a time stamp signaling that the sacred moment has begun.

Duration:55 min. approximately.

This product has a special dispatch, that is, the delivery times will be as follows:
- Metropolitan Region: dispatches will be made between 2 to 5 business days, always considering Moova as the main means of transport to expedite delivery.
- Regions: shipments will be made between 4 to 9 business days.