Wind Gong (Yes - 60 cm)

The Wind Gong is a beautiful and bright sounding instrument and produces an incredible flurry of musical connotations. The presence of the Wind Gong quickly becomes the focus of any indoor or outdoor space, and its sound is uplifting and relaxing at the same time. The resplendent sound of wind gongs has rich traditional roots in meditation and ceremony.

The manufacturing process is a mixture of hand hammering and turning the bronze on a lathe while carefully heating and cooling the metal. The result is a unique musical instrument with a spectacular sound.

Wind gongs are available in a variety of sizes, with each size having its own distinctive sound. The smaller sizes have a higher tone and less power, while the larger sizes are deeper, richer and sound with more power and sustain.

The uses of Gongs are varied. You can release mental and emotional blocks, reduce stress and tension in the physical body, stimulate the glandular system and regenerate the nervous system.

Base Note:Si

Diameter: 60 cm.

Includes: Striking mallet and rope for hanging.

Materiality: Handcrafted with hammer blows and lathe, tempering and polishing with original acoustic bronze alloy.

Produced by Jinan Jin Sheng Yuan Musical Instrument Factory in Shandong, China. Our Gongs date back to the times of the Quing dynasty. Thanks to their long history, they have developed advanced technologies, while transmitting traditional knowledge to our artisans, turning them into skilled Gongsmiths, capable of producing high quality instruments.

Today these gongs are sold under the Arborea brand all over the world. They are appreciated for their typical sounds, combining tradition and modernity. Through the handcrafted manufacturing process, each gong is unique. Each of our instruments therefore has its own sound.