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We are going through a year of planetary reset, recognizing our purpose in life and as a civilization. The earth stopped and invited us to pause and travel to the depths of our interior, but how you want to experience this change depends on you.

History has shown us that viruses are genetic mechanisms that have strengthened the immune system of our species, allowing us to evolve. So, what if we take the pandemic as a direct message to take, consciously or by force, that evolutionary leap.

Being confined to our homes has become a long and deep meditation, a moment of reflection and self-knowledge that perhaps many of us would not have allowed ourselves in this world that moves at full speed every day.

Each one, in their own time, is taking that evolutionary leap.

Let's take advantage of this moment in history to expand our consciousness and as Casa del Cuenco we want to continue contributing on this beautiful path of no return.

We are energy and we want to help prepare you to be a harmonic part of this evolution, raising your vibration and making your change in tune with what you think, feel and do.

We want to enrich you with new knowledge, tools and content so that you can guide your own evolution of consciousness. And that is why the Casa del Cuenco Blog is born today.

What will you find in our Blog?

Each week we will share various contents, for example, techniques to awaken your inner energy through knowledge, activation and harmonization of your chakras or energy points, their relationship with your emotions and organs of your body .

We will learn about the properties and uses of stones and crystals according to their vibration and intention, how to cleanse and activate them. This way you can consciously choose your bracelets and japa malas that most resonate with you at Casa del Cuenco.

We will review the 7 cosmic principles or universal laws and how to apply them daily in our lives to keep our vibration high.

We are part of a whole that is hyperconnected. We will learn more about sacred geometry, that approach to the way in which the universe itself is organized and sustained, its main figures, meanings and how to use it for our benefit.

If you already have a little bowl from our house, get ready! Because we will share with you meditations, exercises you can do at home and how to get the most out of this sonotherapeutic instrument. If you still don't have your bowl, we will give you tips to choose the one that most resonates with you. And so continue healing and liberating through sonovibrational medicine and other complementary therapies that we will be addressing.

The full and new moons are also a source of energy, together with dates of portals, eclipses and other events. We will be attentive to inform you of how you can benefit from these synchronies of the universe.

Books, films, documentaries, interviews will be other materials that we will be recommending and sharing in our Casa del Cuenco blog

Today we invite you to be grateful for each experience of your life because it has led you to be who you are. And remember that every great change implies a great crisis.

Stay tuned to our content, now is the time, let's keep raising our vibration!


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