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At Casa del Cuenco, our main purpose is to make your experience something unique, magical and expansive.

We, its inhabitants who work day by day for you, will always ensure that we meet that goal. We will do our best to always provide you with the best service and the best instruments.

If you visit us, we will treat you with all the respect you deserve, as well as guide you and allow you to connect with the sounds of our instruments.

And of course, you will be lucky enough to meet, pamper and receive the love of Tara and Deva, the queens and sovereigns of these lands.

We are waiting for you!

6 years ago back these were the first 5 bowls that arrived at our little house, they were the sounds that gave life to our deepest desire, Bowls, healing and meditation for all of Chile.️

And with much effort and love, to date we have delivered more than 33,000 bowls to those seekers of spiritual experience.


Promote the meditative and therapeutic use of our vibrational sound instruments.


Expand the heart and conscience of all beings who trust in our work.

A tribute to the most beautiful of all, Mayita who in peace rest.

WHAT IS E X P A N D A L A      V I B R A T I Ó N !
Av Cristobal Colon 8721, Las Condes.
For inquiries at or call us at 227240425

Santiago, Chile, Planet Earth.