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We exist to remind you of your main task, meditation and the encounter with yourself. That should be our sacred duty every day, in order to observe what we are not and get closer to what we are.

All our problems and sufferings exist because of our identification with thoughts and forms, if we only remained in our unchanging nature, you would rest just by recognizing you at every moment, like that infinite silence that never ends.

We have been passing from body to body for millions of years, in this seemingly endless cycle of life and death, but at some point you will have to stop this journey and ask the simplest but most mysterious of questions, Who am I? .

Don't be afraid, trust that the universe is conspiring in your favor, leave all your burden from the past behind and surrender empty-handed to the miracle that is about to be revealed to you.

The universe is waiting for you, time to wake up.

This is our sincere message of love and gratitude, to life for allowing us the opportunity to expand the vibration, and to you for supporting us during all this time.

" A beautiful lotus flower emerges from the depths to finally meet that light that guides its path.

Born in a muddy darkness and fought against the currents of adversity, but always trusted in the eternal spark, inexhaustible and real.

Everything has a reason for being and every moment lived has served for the evolution of this beautiful flower, she has learned it by being grateful.

It is time, the storm is ending, it is preparing to flourish in glory and majesty, to meet that light that guided its path (. ..)"

I have arrived! I want to scream with happiness, I have finally found the light that guided my walk.

I thank life a thousand times, without hesitation, my suffering was the door that made me go further.

The veil of illusion has fallen and I see clearly, what I was looking for, has always been here.

My nature is silence, without beginning or end, I enjoy eternal rest, I give myself to eternity.

Now, I begin to remember, we all must one day wake up!, to meet yourself, it is your final task.

It is time, there is little left, the storm will end, never forget this light, which now guides your walk.






"Open your heart and allow the sound to guide you inside, let the light that dwells in the center of all things, manifest as your true essence."

"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the whole ocean in a drop"

"Turn your life towards the mystery and the mystery will reveal the greatest of secrets, you."

"Behind every mental process there is a space, a vast and silent witness that observes everything that happens. That space is Consciousness"

What allows music to exist? The silence.

What allows the dynamism of things? The space between them.

What allows clouds to pass? Heaven.

What allows the waves to rise? The Ocean.

"The body is the biological vehicle and the mind the information processed by your brain. Back, observing, rest your true nature, HERE and NOW.

"For a long time you have paid attention to the passing, stop and ask yourself, is there something in me that does not change?"

Knock, knock, I knock on the door. It opens. It was hitting from the inside.

"What you're looking for, is what you are"