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We have divided the question section into two parts, first would be the questions regarding the use and care of the bowls, and the other related to frequently asked questions about the company.


The bowls include a rubbing stick, support cushion, embroidered protective bag, and beautiful expansive packaging.

The Quartz Bowls include rubber rubbing stick, rubber base and protective plumavit.

Yes! We ship to all of Chile by different couriers, we always look for the cheapest option.

Yes! We have a physical store where you can come and visit us and see all our variety of bowls and complementary products for meditations, ceremonies and sound therapies.

We are located at Av. Cristóbal Colón 8721, Las Condes, RM, Chile, Planet Earth.

Yes! we have additional discounts of 7% for the purchase of 3 or more bowls of any type.

To access the discount you must place the discount code "TRIPLECUENCO" at the check out when finalizing your purchase.

Yes! We do basic courses and workshops to learn to play your bowl and different techniques to include it in your daily life and that of your family. Also technical courses and workshops to include bowls in your therapies.

Check the contents and schedule HERE.

Yes! During almost every Monday of the year we have assisted group meditations with Tibetan bowls, quartz bowls and gongs. They are with voluntary contribution and quotas.

You can read more details and the registration process HERE.

Yes! we do group sound therapies almost every Wednesday of the year. They have a value of $9,000 per person, or $15,000 if they come as a couple.

Find all the information about the activity and registration HERE.


What is a bowl?

A Tibetan Bowl or also known as a Hammered Bowl is a healing instrument of more than 5000 years old that originates in Tibet, these were created by one of the oldest shamanic cultures of our planet, the Bon Po. The ancestral knowledge that gave life to the bowls is uncertain, but it is believed that it was acquired by this shamanic culture through their channeling and rituals, others believe that it is technology from another star system. What is clear is that the true history of the bowls and the intentions of their first creators are lost in time.

The making of a bowl is an elaborate process that combines the skill of the craftsman, meditation and ancient science. In a first phase, the alloy of 7 metals that make up the bowls, which are: Copper, Tin, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Gold and Silver, are melted at more than 1000 degrees Celsius, the proportion of this alloy is 97% bronze (copper with tin) and the remaining 3% with the other metals mentioned above. Then, the molten metal is poured into different molds to cool, later this mixture of metals will take the form of a hockey puck and will be ready to go to the artisan process of forging and hammering.

In the forging and hammering phase, 5 artisans led by an expert craftsman will give between 500 and 7,000 hammer blows depending on the size of the bowl to be made. Every 30 or so hammer blows, the future bowls are returned to the fire to turn them red hot and continue with the hammering. Once enough has been hammered and the bowl begins to take shape, the bowl is left to the most experienced craftsman, who will take care of giving the bowl the desired thickness and shape. The creation of a good Tibetan bowl is the result of a conscious and meditative work of the craftsman who is making it. In his task, he must give the correct shape, thickness and angle to the walls of the Tibetan bowl, each hammer blow will influence the final result. To finish, the bowls are manually polished to remove the charred layer and reveal the characteristic gold/silver color of Tibetan bowls.

Our Hammered Bowls are made in Kathmandu, Nepal while our Quartz Bowls are made in China.

We have a relationship of several years with our suppliers and manufacturers, so we ensure the highest quality of bowls in Chile.

Review an informative video of the benefits HERE.

You can also review the available scientific information on meditation and bowls HERE.

Benefits on a physical level:

  • Relaxes and distends the tension accumulated in the muscles.
  • Balances our internal fluids.
  • Massages and detoxifies internal organs.
  • Reduces organ pain.
  • They help the cell healing process
  • Relieves pain from sprains, dislocations, arthritis and tendinitis.
  • Improves circulation: kidney stone problem, erectile dysfunction and menstrual cramps.

Benefits at the mental level:

  • Promotes the generation of Alpha, Theta and Delta brain waves.
  • Expand your consciousness and open your field of perception.
  • Stimulate your pineal gland.
  • Its sound is effective in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  • Decreases anxiety and mental stress.

Energy benefits:

  • Mobilize stagnant energies.
  • Harmonizes the main energy centers.
  • Expand our toroidal field.
  • Release emotional blocks.
  • Expands our aura product of the harmonization of chakras.

Playing a bowl is a very simple activity, but it requires several hours of practice so that you get used to the movement and pressure that you have to do. Don't give up so easily!

HERE we leave you a video tutorial so you can review every time you need to improve your technique.

We bring a wide variety of Tibetan bowls, different in their method of construction, size and quality of sound.

Although there are several considerations that can be taken into account when choosing your bowl, we prefer to recommend that you choose it for the attraction you feel when you hear its sound. This will help to always captivate your attention, facilitating and guiding your meditation, therapy or ceremony.

You can watch a video tutorial on how to choose your bowl HERE.

The amount of metal, the diameter of the bowl and the thickness of its walls, will make the sounds of each bowl unique.

In general, a small bowl will have higher frequencies, therefore higher pitched sounds, which serve to energize and bring attention to the present.

As the size of the bowl increases, its frequency is lower, therefore its sounds are deeper, having relaxing and meditative effects.

The truth is that they are infinite, so listing them here is impossible, but we can try.

The bowls can be used for:

  • personal or group meditations.
  • accompany the relaxation inherent to multiple therapies.
  • energy balance therapies or sonovibrational massage.
  • grab the attention of your students and start a class connected and focused.
  • induce sleep and sleep peacefully.
  • connect with your essence and enjoy the peace.
  • and a long etc...

A Tibetan bowl does not require much care, but we recommend the following:

  • Try not to drop it too hard as it can make it sad and affect the sound
  • Keep it free from dust and moisture.
  • Do not leave it in very hot places as the metal can expand and will affect its sound.

For the energetic cleanings of your bowl you can use different types of saumerios, with copal or palo santo.

However, with regular use and vibration of the bowl, it gradually flushes and cleans itself.